– a non-profit organization

Dialogos Media and Resourcecenter is a small organization that seeks to promote the communication and dialogue between initiatives and organizations related to anthroposophy – and the society at large.

The idea emerged after a celebration of 100 years of anthroposophy in Norway 2008, which showed to us how rich and manyfolded the network of initiatives and organizations related to anthroposophy is here in Norway, and how full it is of potential to reach out and have more impact on societal development.

At the same time we realized that the initiatives only to a little extent manage to reach out in the media and the public sphere. Thus, we decided to start this endeavour – a communication center, which we hope will succeed in facilitating public dialogue on crucial issues for human and societal development – informed by the experiences of the participating initiatives and organizations.

Dialogos is not only engaged in public dialogue, but also seeks to strengthen the collaboration between and among the involved organizations – and the dialogue among them.

Different organisations and groups that share Dialogos’ aims have joined the center as cooperating networks. Dialogos works with these organisations and groups, supporting them in their efforts to bring their insights and experiences into the media, and to establish alliances with other likeminded groups, organisations, and individuals. Most importantly, Dialogos seeks to further dialogue between these organisations and groups and key stakeholders within the relevant issue areas.

Dialogos Media and Resourcecenter aims at contributing to a more human and environ-mentally friendly society through dialogue, and inspired by the ideas of social threefolding.

General Manager
Sissel Jenseth, Dialogos, e-mail: m +47 975 63 875

Postal address:
Oscars gate 10
0352 Oslo